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News: JUEL
Last Updated: 5 days ago

JUEL (Junior Women's Elite League for Ontario)
Program and Try-Out Details
See details posted below

JUEL Ottawa Tryouts 2014 and FAQs.pdf

News: JUEL Try-Outs
Last Updated: 5 days ago

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Head Coach: Fabienne Blizzard 
Assistant Coaches: Vicky TessierSharolyn HiggsIrina Kutuzova
Mentor Coach: Dean Tanasijevic
Technical Director: Merrick Palmer
Strength and Conditioning Coach:  Brendan McGuire
Sport Psychologist
: Chris Rose
JUEL/EOBA Liaison: Dean Tanasijevic

Tryout #1

  Date: Saturday August 30, 2014

                    Time: 13:00 – 15:00
                    Location: Carleton University, Ravens Nest
Tryout #2   Date: Wednesday September 3, 2014

                    Time: 20:00 – 22:00
                    Location: St. Francis Xavier HS
                     3470 Spratt Road, Ottawa, K1V 2M1

         JUEL-Prep OTTAWA U16 INFO

Head Coach: Murray Shoup 
Assistant Coaches: TBD
Mentor Coach: Dean Tanasijevic
Technical Director: Merrick Palmer
JUEL-Prep/EOBA Liaison: Dean Tanasijevic

 Tryout #1  Date: Saturday August 30, 2014

                    Time: 10:00 - Noon

                    Location: École secondaire publique Louis-Riel
1655 Bearbrook Drive, Ottawa, K1B 4N3
Tryout #2   Date: Wednesday September 3, 2014

                    Time: 18:00 – 20:00

                    Location: St. Francis Xavier
                                     3740 Spratt Rd, Ottawa, K1V 2M1

NOTES for U16 and U19 tryouts:

·         Both tryouts are mandatory
         Registration will be on site 45 minutes before the 1st tryout
         One time $20 fee will be applicable
         Call (613) 852-3521 if you need more information
         Team rosters will be announced on Thursday September 4th, 2014

News: Ten Things Parents of Athletes Should Know
Last Updated: 5 days ago

Ten Things Parents of Athletes Should Know

1. It’s not about you, its about them.  Do not live your own sports dreams through your kids. It’s their turn now. Let them make their own choices, both good and bad.

2. Never talk to a coach about your child’s play time after a game. Actually you never should. You should have your kid do that. That said, if you just can’t help yourself, send an email the next day and ask for some phone time. 

3. NEVER yell at referees. They are trying. How would you like it if someone came to your job and screamed at you? Not. So. Much. If you have a real issue file a grievance the next day.

4. Do NOT coach your kid from the sideline. Your job is to be a cheerleader, not a coach. If you wanted to coach, you should have volunteered.

 5. It is EXTREMELY UNLIKELY you are raising a professional athlete. I promise you. Relax, let them have a good time and learn the lessons they are supposed to be learning in sports.

6. Kids should play the sport that is in season until they are in middle school. Then they can decide which one or two sports they want to play and become more focused. Cross training prevents injuries and burnout.

7. If you have nothing nice to say, sit down and be quiet. Don’t be “that” parent. 

8. If you are losing your mind on the sideline of game, it’s time to look in the mirror and figure out why. It’s not normal to care that much about sports. Put that energy into something more productive.

9. Let them fail. Forgotten equipment, not working out, not practicing at home? Let them suffer the consequences of that. It will make them better.

10. Your kids are watching you. Make them proud not embarrassed

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